Transforming and empowering youth through music

The Kako Foundation is bringing innovative music education programs that transform and empower the lives of children and youth at-risk in Haiti and the United States

Throughout the world, the cycle of violence and poverty is more prominent than ever. Regardless of a nation’s wealth, the most affected have been the children and the youth. In the US - one of the richest nations on the globe – 1 in 4 children live in poverty (2006 - US Census Bureau)

Since 2004, in Haiti - the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere - kidnapping of children has become a daily occurrence inadequately addressed by the authorities. Children and their families live in constant fear of being targeted. Some have even witnessed these atrocities and unwittingly perpetuate the cycle by either keeping quiet or participating as they grow older. 

Haitian children have few opportunities to escape the escalating violence, intolerance and poverty. The KAKO Foundation, the first of its kind in Haiti, will provide an alternative to this endless cycle by promoting peace and tolerance through music and art.

It is our hope that children involved in the programs of the KAKO Foundation programs will become ambassadors for change and hope in a very troubled country.

Unite children through art. Unite children, unite nations.

Founders, KAKO Foundation 


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